The Site

Distant Hum is a blog for me, Anna, to share books I’ve read and music I’m into. I’ll occasionally mention books I didn’t like very much, but for the most part this site will be filled with what I did enjoy so expect recommendations more than warnings. While I have my favorite genres, what I write about isn’t limited to any particular areas of the literary and musical worlds so nothing is off limits.

The name “Distant Hum” is a lyric from one of my favorite Kevin Devine songs. (I have a lot of favorite Kevin Devine songs.)

About Me

meI’m a not-so-young adult living in the Philadelphia area, who might care about your band. Aside from reading and concert-going, I’m a soccer fan and tea enthusiast. I watch too much British television and on any given day I’m pining for Glasgow. Or Italy. I’m obsessively organized and also really talented at running into things. Sometimes I pretend I can play guitar. I can actually play the piano, just not well. I’m not an animal person, but don’t tell my cats, because I do love them.

I went to school for graphic design and am also fond of writing, hence this website. You can see some of my work over on my personal site.

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