Review: Remembrance by Meg Cabot

remembrancecoverRemembrance by Meg Cabot
Release Date: February 2, 2016
Publisher: William Morrow
Format: Paperback
Genres: Supernatural, Paranormal, Romance, Adult Fiction


The Mediator is a series I devoured as a teen. It’s about a teenage girl, Susannah ‘Suze’ Simon, who can see ghosts and helps them pass onto the afterlife, which is often messy and requires some humor. As luck would have it, one of the ghosts she encounters is an attractive boy who haunts her house/bedroom and stuff happens. You can probably guess what “stuff” might entail, but it gets complicated as ghost-human relationships do. The series is also full of mysteries and ass kicking and drama and a side of ridiculousness.

Meg Cabot surprised fans by announcing a seventh installment of the series years after it ended. Except with Remembrance the series passes from YA to Adult Fiction and many fans who have also grown into adults get to see Suze as an adult.

There won’t be any spoilers for this book in the review, but since it’s the seventh book in a series there will be spoilers for the original series. So proceed with caution if you haven’t read the original series and want to.

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A New Home

As you can tell, this is no longer a Tumblr but a full-fledged site (powered by WordPress.) So, welcome! I’m a lot happier with it now and ready for a better year of posting. I already have a full schedule of concerts and book events as well as an ever growing list of books and music to go through. So if you happen to visit again, you’ll hopefully discover a great book or a new band.

Also, please bear with me as some more tweaks happen to the site. I have a lot more planned that will take some time before put into effect.


2015 In Review

I am a grump who doesn’t really like the New Year holiday. It makes me unreasonably anxious. When it comes to books and music though, doing a round-up of what I enjoyed is fun and celebration enough. I’m terrible at picking favorites though so don’t really rank, but here are some things I liked this year!

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2016 Reading Goals

Yes, I’m a slacker. The end of 2015 also got a little hectic so going to put more effort into this in 2016. Also setting some different reading goals for next year. I had been debating with myself for a few weeks on whether I’m going to do the GoodReads challenge again, but I don’t think I quite need the numerical push anymore. Instead I’d like to focus on what and how I’m reading.

  • Read more poetry and short story collections.
    I actually love poetry and short stories so I’m unsure why I don’t pick up more of them. It might just be that I don’t hear about them too often because novels are what get the most press. So I just need to seek them out myself.
  • Pick up some of the non-fiction books I have around my room.
    Over the years I’ve bought quite a few non-fiction books on topics I’m very much interested in, but novels tend to take over (as happens with poetry and short stories.) I OWN these books though. I want to read them, but just don’t. Time to change that.
  • Stop letting books I own gather dust.
    My hold list at the library is usually pretty long, which shouldn’t be a problem. New books at no cost? Great. But I sometimes let it control me and read library books before the books I’ve actually bought. Currently have an ever growing pile of books I’ve bought in recent months that I haven’t gotten to. And then there are books on my shelves I’ve owned for years. I need to pick from my own collection a lot more.
  • Read some looooong books, damnit.
    Unsure what my problem has been lately. Usually I have no problem reading a long book. Maybe I’ve been too distracted by the number of books I’m reading. Whatever the issue is, I need to pick up a few of the longer novels I’ve been meaning to read.
  • Read more adult fiction.
    I pay a lot more attention to the YA Fiction world than anything. It’s a community I love and YA books are so great. But sometimes I get so caught up in reading whatever YA book everyone is buzzing about, I forget about the adult fiction books I’d also like to read. I am by no means going to stop reading YA or lessen it drastically, but I want to add more adult fiction back in the mix.
  • Get back to Arthurian Legend.
    I’m a total Arthurian Legend nerd. I love even the dry stuff. I have a section of books in my room completely dedicated to books about King Arthur. However, I haven’t read any in a while so want to delve back in to my Arthurian TBR List. 2016 should probably be when I finally read Mists of Avalon.
  • Let myself do other things on the train.
    I take the train to work and for me that is my reading time. But I’ve also found ways to fit reading into other parts of my day. I feel like occasionally I am forcing reading on the train when I could also listen to podcasts or nap or read news articles. I need to let myself have some days when I change it up a bit.

Realistically, I’m probably not going to accomplish all of these well, but they are things I want to keep in my mind when I’m making reading selections. 2015 was an excellent reading year for me. I read a lot more and enjoyed it a lot more because of little changes I made to my habits. I want to keep the momentum going with a little more variety.


The Young Elites and The Rose Society by Marie Lu

I know, I know, I’ve been slacking. I have been reading and I have been listening to a lot of great music. But life got busy and didn’t leave a lot of time for blog posts. But HERE I AM, ready to tell you why you need to start The Young Elites series immediately. I read the first book when it came out and had been dying for the follow up. It lived up to the hype I created in my head.

  • It’s dark, in the best way. Okay, not everyone likes dark books. I like dark books more than I should. Maybe I’m destined to be a villain. My potential villainous tendencies aside, this series’s darkness is appealing for a few reasons. For starters it isn’t “shock value dark” (i.e. most premium channel shows). Every twisted, sinister detail has a purpose. The darkness also grows and simmers. You’re reading about a girl’s descent into ~evil~. It’s fascinating. The first book starts it out, and then everything explodes in the second.
  • No sophomore slump. The first book was great. It took me a little time to decide I loved it, but in the end it grew into a favorite. It’s hard to live up to the first beloved book in a series, but Marie Lu manages a deliciously dark second book that delivers what the first book promised.
  • Not your typical “people gain powers” book. You’ve likely read or watched a story before where something happens that gives a bunch of people superpowers. Some use them for evil. Some for good. This series takes that idea and twists it into something new. The lines between good and evil are excellently blurred. And the powers? The main character’s power is unique and beautifully described. A lot of the powers are what you’ve seen in superhero media, but Lu makes them so much more interesting.
  • Not a whitewashed fantasy. With wonderful characters. People really like to make up reasons why it’s okay that the likes of LOTR and whatnot has all these white characters. There are excuses why dragons can exist but PoC can’t in a FANTASY. Thankfully these books don’t fall into that category. The world of the young elites isn’t ours, but it’s as diverse as ours. Despite all the supernatural, unordinary things going on, it feels realistic because the characters are complex and human. And honestly sometimes when I read books, the images of characters in my head look very similar to other books I’ve read. There’s definitely a lineup of similarly looking white male MCs in my head from various books. (Maybe my imagination isn’t that great?) Lu however describes her characters well and creates a distinct cast that I adore.
  • Everything else. This would be an endless list if I continued with all the reasons I loved this series. There’s action. Romance and vengeance. Twists and turns. Most of the time you’re unsure of who to even root for. And while it’s marketed as young adult, it feels more about young adults than for them. It’s definitely on the more mature side which means some boundaries are pushed. IT’S REALLY GOOD, OKAY???

You might read this and be horrified and in that case GOOD. It did it’s job. I’m horrified, too, but I love it. Also, a secret: Game of Thrones bored me. People have drawn comparisons between GoT and this series. Those people are wrong. I get there are some similarities, but I was never bored reading either of these two books.

In conclusion, this series might end up being my favorite fantasy ever. I’ll wait for the next (and final?) book to make a definite judgment though. *starts twitching because there isn’t even a release date yet*