Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Songs (Or Albums) I Wish Were Books

This Top Ten Tuesday combines both topics this blog centers on. There are a zillion songs and albums I’d love to see in book form so it was a bit of a struggle to pick ten. I tried not to overthink it and put down what jumped out at me as I quickly scrolled through iTunes.

  1. The Tide by The Spill Canvas
    This song is a complete story itself so I won’t spoil it if you haven’t listened before. It’s tragic and would probably make a good weepy book. There are four characters mentioned: a mom and her three children, so the book could have alternating chapters.
  2. Volcano by Gatsbys American Dream
    The main theme of this album is Pompeii and I am obsessed with Pompeii so I will take a fictional story about it. Something modern about archaeologists? Maybe some time travel? There are a lot of lyrics to work with here.
  3. Razia’s Shadow by Forgive Durden
    I’m really pulling from my teen years for this list. This album was written as a musical and is perfectly suited for a novel that delves more into the story. If you read the description it sounds like a basic dystopian-esque love-saves-all story. It’s already part of the way there.
  4. Lighthouse by The Hush Sound
    The Hush Sound’s lyrics are lush and many of their songs tell little stories. I want to know more about this one:

    There is a girl who haunts that lighthouse
    She saved me, I was swimming
    So young I almost drowned
    Under the water she sang a story
    Of losing her lover
    She calls a warning

  5. Wine Red by The Hush Sound
    I had to put The Hush Sound on here twice, but they could probably be the entire list and more. For this song I picture a novel about star crossed lovers with a little mythology mixed in. Perhaps they’re stuck in different time periods. Then there’s the music video that offers another story. Lots of inspiration here!
  6. A Woman, A Woman, A Century Of Sleep by Emmy the Great
    I like sad songs, okay? This one has such beautiful and haunting imagery of a women who takes care of her house and feels as if she’s treated like no more than an object, like she is the house itself. Essentially, the mistreatment many women have faced from their husbands. I can’t do it justice so listen.  But I’m picturing a fantasy set in the 1950s where a woman feels forced into a marriage and cares for this house that turns out to be enchanted. Or something.
  7. How to Be a Heartbreaker by Marina & the Diamonds
    Perfect inspiration for a YA. A teen girl’s instructional on the hearts she has broken, perhaps? Maybe for revenge?
  8. Between the Bars by Elliott Smith
    One of my favorite Elliott Smith songs. Also very sad because I am me. I am going with “bars” to mean both the place you get alcohol and prison. A tragic love story alternating between the past (bars and parties and love) to present (jail)? And you don’t know how one of them ended up behind bars until the end.
  9. Mr. C by Nina Nesbitt
    This song is about a girl not being very impressed by the town’s “it boy.” Instead of a YA story about boy and girl falling for each other, I’d like one where the girl takes down the rich boy at school.
  10. Hayley by Empires
    Guess what this is sad, too. Sorry. These lyrics have a plot of their own that can be expanded on. Fame and death and SADNESS. I’m looking for more books that make people cry.

Can someone start writing some of these? Maybe I need to start writing some of these.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish.

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