I’m generally too indecisive when it comes to star ratings. I use them on GoodReads for a general idea of how much I liked a book, but on this site I’m mostly writing about books I liked. Instead of stars I use the following system to indicate what I thought of a book.

fave2  Instant Favorite
A book that made my favorite list as soon as I read the last word.

Page Turner Page Turner
A fast paced book that kept me wanting to know what happens next.

Enjoyable Enjoyable
A book that didn’t blow me away, but was still an entertaining read.

Required Reading Required Reading
Something I think needs to be on everyone’s reading list.

Pretty Words Pretty Words
A book that sucked me in with beautiful sentences.

characters Character Love
Books with well-written characters I adore.

badass Kickass
Some stories just deserve the honor of being dubbed “kickass.”

I Ship It I Ship It
For romances close to my heart.

Surprised Me Surprised Me
Something that exceeded my expectations.

Too Cute Too Cute
A feel good enjoyable read.

Wow Factor Wow Factor
For the plots that blew me away.

Gut Punch Gut Punch
For the stories that filled me with EMOTIONS.

Good Ol' Fun Good Ol’ Fun
Some books are just plain fun to read.