2016 Reading Goals

Yes, I’m a slacker. The end of 2015 also got a little hectic so going to put more effort into this in 2016. Also setting some different reading goals for next year. I had been debating with myself for a few weeks on whether I’m going to do the GoodReads challenge again, but I don’t think I quite need the numerical push anymore. Instead I’d like to focus on what and how I’m reading.

  • Read more poetry and short story collections.
    I actually love poetry and short stories so I’m unsure why I don’t pick up more of them. It might just be that I don’t hear about them too often because novels are what get the most press. So I just need to seek them out myself.
  • Pick up some of the non-fiction books I have around my room.
    Over the years I’ve bought quite a few non-fiction books on topics I’m very much interested in, but novels tend to take over (as happens with poetry and short stories.) I OWN these books though. I want to read them, but just don’t. Time to change that.
  • Stop letting books I own gather dust.
    My hold list at the library is usually pretty long, which shouldn’t be a problem. New books at no cost? Great. But I sometimes let it control me and read library books before the books I’ve actually bought. Currently have an ever growing pile of books I’ve bought in recent months that I haven’t gotten to. And then there are books on my shelves I’ve owned for years. I need to pick from my own collection a lot more.
  • Read some looooong books, damnit.
    Unsure what my problem has been lately. Usually I have no problem reading a long book. Maybe I’ve been too distracted by the number of books I’m reading. Whatever the issue is, I need to pick up a few of the longer novels I’ve been meaning to read.
  • Read more adult fiction.
    I pay a lot more attention to the YA Fiction world than anything. It’s a community I love and YA books are so great. But sometimes I get so caught up in reading whatever YA book everyone is buzzing about, I forget about the adult fiction books I’d also like to read. I am by no means going to stop reading YA or lessen it drastically, but I want to add more adult fiction back in the mix.
  • Get back to Arthurian Legend.
    I’m a total Arthurian Legend nerd. I love even the dry stuff. I have a section of books in my room completely dedicated to books about King Arthur. However, I haven’t read any in a while so want to delve back in to my Arthurian TBR List. 2016 should probably be when I finally read Mists of Avalon.
  • Let myself do other things on the train.
    I take the train to work and for me that is my reading time. But I’ve also found ways to fit reading into other parts of my day. I feel like occasionally I am forcing reading on the train when I could also listen to podcasts or nap or read news articles. I need to let myself have some days when I change it up a bit.

Realistically, I’m probably not going to accomplish all of these well, but they are things I want to keep in my mind when I’m making reading selections. 2015 was an excellent reading year for me. I read a lot more and enjoyed it a lot more because of little changes I made to my habits. I want to keep the momentum going with a little more variety.

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